Fall lawn care tips

In order for you to keep a healthy, green and think lawn in spring, you need to maintain it well in the fall. However, most home owners do the worst mistake shortly before the grass growth diminishes. They then begin wondering why the grass doesn’t improve the following year. The simple tips below will help you have a stunning lawn the following year.

Get rid of the leaves

Despite the beauty of colorful autumn leaves, they are not favorable to the grass. Your children will have fun playing with these leaves, but the grass will suffer in the long run. These leaves block the light leave alone absorbing the little moisture there is. The turf underneath these leaves suffers the most.

Once leaves fall on the lawn, make sure to rake or blow them away. This process should continue even if the tree branches are bare. Rake out the corners and protect the grass from dying.

Maintain proper heights

It is not yet time for you to put the mower aside. Remember that the grass is still growing. Therefore you will have to maintain the grass at around 2 to 3 inches. You should not let it to grow too long because it gets exposed to fungi.

You should also not cut the grass too short.  It will affect the root system. Such a lawn will not stand the cold winter. Mowing the lawn regularly eliminates pesky leaves and gives the grass roots some mulching.

Keep the lawn adequately watered

Most people feel that it is fine not to water the lawn since the weather is cooling. This is from the assumption that nature will protect the grass. Well, there will be more rain and dew and evaporation will be at its minimum. However, this is not good enough to hydrate the grass and keep it healthy.

Regularly loosen the soil

Soil aeration is a crucial exercise as it prevents the soil from getting compact. It makes sure that thatch does not cover it, and that debris does not block nutrients, water and oxygen from getting into the soil. This should be done before applying fertilizer. This is to ensure that the holes in the turf allow fertilizer to get to the roots. It is also advisable to add late-fall fertilizer. The grass roots need phosphorus for them to keep growing.

You might not remember the right timing for these schedules and tasks. Again, some of them require more caution than others. It is for this reason that Zonascape Landscaping is here to give you all the help you require.