Lawn watering tips

Water is the most essential element for a healthy beautiful lawn. It is crucial, for this reason, for you to be sure to water it well. Running the sprinkler for instance, can expose the lawn to disease. Again, if the grass roots do not receive adequate water supply, they might not grow as deeply as they should. This will only serve to expose the lawn to trouble in case the hot weather sets in. The steps below will help you keep your lawn well hydrated throughout the year.

Choosing the right time to water

Has your lawn turned dull green or grayish? This is a clear indication that your lawn needs water. Simply, walk through the lawn and judge it from your foot prints. If the foot prints do not disappear as fast, then the grass blades do not have enough water to make them spring back.  It is not right for you to water the lawn at any time of day, especially during hot seasons.

Watering your lawn early in the morning gives it an upper hand. It is cool during this time and the winds are calm as well. Therefore, the water will easily soak and be absorbed easier in the soil. If you do not find time in the morning, then late evening is also an ideal time. Find time after 5pm to water the lawn. This way, you will give the grass blades enough time to soak in water before nightfall.

 If you irrigate the lawn in the afternoon, the water will evaporate even before the water soaks into the soil. Always make sure to maintain your lawn regularly. A well maintain lawn is resilient enough and can go for long days without requiring water. Only make sure that the grass blades do not get grey or brown.

What amount of water does your lawn require?

It is recommended that you water the lawn until 6 to 8 inches so that the water gets to the turf grass roots. It is equally important to ensure the lawn is not overwatered. Again, the amount of water required depends on the season. For example, you do not have to water it during the rainy season.

Proper watering on your tank is a simple but important way of keeping your lawn at its best possible shape. These tips will help you maintain the lawn at tip-top health. Looking for excellent lawn solutions provider? Zonascape Landscaping is here to give you best there is in this and your lawn will always be at its best.