Maintain a healthy lawn with these simple tips

A healthy and well maintained lawn will make your home more beautiful. Having such a lush lawn is not out of reach. Rather, Zonascape Landscaping is your sure way of achieving this.  We will transform your acres of lawn to serve you better than ever. How about hosting your picnics, games and barbecues at the comfort of your home? Given the best care, your lawn will offer you these and more awesome options and your family and friends will have more fun.

Feeding the lawn properly

Just like any other plants, your lawn needs nutrients to stay healthy. Contacting Zonascape Landscaping can make a great difference. We will feed your lawn to, making it thick and healthy all the time. The grass requires fertilizers and proper watering for it to remain green and beautiful.

Weeds will affect the lawn

You should never give chance for weeds to grow in your lawn. At no time should they gain a roothold because it will not be easy to fight them. Zonascape Landscaping experts will advice on the best herbicides, fertilizers and other plant protection products. They will not only eliminate the weeds but also give a permanent solution to the weeds. This will ensure that the weeds do not sprout and your lawn remains healthy all year round.

Best choice on mowing

You do not want to leave your grass to grow way too long. Again, you need to have it trimmed to a reasonable size. This way, it will have a uniform it will look amazing all through the year. Most home owners believe that mowing their lawns too short saves time. However, this might not be the case. If the lawn is trimmed too short, it is easy for the grass to get damaged. It could also give weeds a chance to set root.

If you allow the grass in your lawn to grow too tall, it becomes healthy and strong. In fact, you should not mow the grass more od a third of the blade. Trust your lawn to Zonascape Landscaping and watch the amazing results.

Zonascape Landscaping uses sharp tools to mow your grass and maintain its ideal size and height. Using a mower blade that is not sharp enough tears the grass away. You would not like the edge of the lawn to appear ragged, brownish and ununiform.

While some of the simple techniques are easily carried out at home, it is always beneficial to have Zonascape Landscaping work on your lawn for more amazing results.