Applying Pre-Emergent

What is Pre-Emergent?

Pre-Emergent is a water-based or granular substance that when broadcast on your lawn or granite landscaping stops seeds from germinating.

Will pre-emergent leave a color?

Zonascape landscaper’s use both liquid and granulated types of pre-emergent.

To spray efficiently, there will be a color left behind but it will fade away within 2 weeks at maximum

  • Water will allow the color to fade faster

When to apply pre-emergent?

Service is recommended every six months.

You can apply pre-emergent during any season.

Spring season is a popular choice for many to apply pre-emergent but it is not the only season. Due to winds and moisture, weeds germinate all year long without any defense to prevent.

Zonascape Landscaping services all of Arizona.

What’s the guarantee of Pre-Emergent Application?

There is no absolute guarantee due to all of the variables involved , such as wind blowing around seeds and moisture in the air. Weed control is an imperfect science.

  • Pre emergents create protection on the top layer of the soil only

If the ground is disturbed or moved it could affect the pre-emergent results.

If there is an enormous overgrowth, Zonascape Landscaping will return at no additional charge to re-service the area