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Contract labor for hire

If you’ve had trouble finding honest, reliable, experienced workers for odd jobs here in the Tucson area, we can help. Zonascape lets you hire exactly the right workers for the jobs you need done, all at your own convenience.

At Zonascape we provide property owners with semi-skilled, skilled, and unskilled contract labor for hire. Most important of all, we screen, hire and train each worker carefully, so you can rest easy.

Fast, flexible contract labor

We specialize in providing expert home repairs and maintenance, landscaping, and personal services throughout the Tucson metro area.

Our workers are multi-skilled, so you can take advantage by mixing tasks together to spend workers’ time most effectively.

We’re different

Zonascape gives you a one-call solution for household repairs, chores, and personal services. We’re Tucson’s quickest provider, with same-day service for almost every job.

Whether the job is lawn-mowing, babysitting, house painting, plumbing repairs, or anything else, we train all our workers to provide exceptional customer service with a safety-first attitude. Our management team ensures that each job is done right the first time – With 30+ years of experience, we don’t overlook any details.

We’re also different because we’re affordable – Zonascape offers Tucson’s lowest prices for labor services.

Here’s a sampling of our most popular jobs

  • Homer repairs & maintenance
  • Landscaping
  • House painting & touch up
  • House cleaning
  • Gardening & tree trimming
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Kitchen cabinet installation
  • Acoustic tile removal
  • Roof coating
  • Window & blind cleaning
  • House sitting
  • Pet care
  • Babysitting
  • Personal errand services
  • Seasonal & specialty services

Tucson’s best turnkey contract labor for hire

At Zonascape we’re proud of our comprehensive labor services. Our workers are trained and led by professional managers with a track record of successful results.

Workers are our most valuable asset, so we treat them well. During the hiring process, we carefully screen and assess each job candidate before allowing him or her to join our team.

Our people are motivated to give you excellent customer service and build long-lasting relationships. They’re fully trained, and they always have transportation to and from the work site.

No membership fees

Unlike most contract labor companies, we do not charge membership fees. So, you always have direct access to our service, without any gateway fees.


Want a reliable worker to do your dirtiest, most difficult jobs at an affordable price?

Client Testimonials

Great job and service

Theresa B.

Home Owner

These folks are great. This coming New Years I plan on putting them on a regular schedule. Quality excellent and very nice follow up.

Miriam S.

Home Owner

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