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Irrigation services in Tucson and Phoenix

If you have a lawn, or any landscaping with trees, bushes and plants, then you’ll need expert irrigation services. Zonascape is Arizona’s leader in troubleshooting, maintaining and installing irrigation systems.

We’re the best choice for all irrigation needs, whether for your lawn, garden, greenhouse or farm. Zonascape maintains all types of irrigation equipment, and our expert team has been rated as the fastest and most affordable service provider.

We install and service all types of watering systems

  • Lawn sprinklers
  • Garden irrigation
  • Greenhouse drip emitters, misters and delivery systems
  • Fountains, ponds and water effects

Irrigation maintenance & checkups

We’re the leading landscaping and irrigation service in both Tucson and Phoenix, and we know irrigation maintenance and watering systems better than anyone else in AZ.

Our teams are experienced with checking and maintaining all types of irrigation service including valve replacement, wiring, timer installation and repair.

We have have a talent for identifying issues and fixing them. At Zonascape, we’re often called to clean up the messes left by less-skilled workers. Most important of all – We can find and repair the leaks that others miss.

The best irrigation valves and systems in Tucson & Phoenix

Whether you live in Tucson or Phoenix, and whether your equipment is a lawn sprinkler, garden irrigation system, greenhouse mister, fountain or pool, because of the heat here in AZ you’ll always need reliable irrigation valves and watering systems.

We either carry in stock or can quickly supply any connector or fitting for your watering system. Zonascape is also your best source for expert help when it comes to designing and building custom irrigation applications.

Keep your lawn and garden looking great

Lawns sprinklers are an easy way to reduce water waste and keep your lawn looking great year-round. We install and service sprinkler and irrigation equipment for every type of application.

In Tucson and Phoenix AZ, water is our most precious resource. The less water we use, the better for everyone. We work hard every day help to our customers save as much as one-third of their previous water consumption, and we’ll do the same for you.

Zonascape is the most experienced and reliable irrigation maintenance company in Tucson and Phoenix. We’ve built our reputation for fast, affordable service by offering same-day scheduling with guaranteed results.

Quality of work, reliability and affordability have always been the keys to our success. Here in a marketplace that’s always crowded with unskilled “wannabe” irrigation specialists, Zonascape is the name that’s best known and respected because we keep our clients satisfied.

Client Testimonials

Great job and service

Theresa B.

Home Owner

These folks are great. This coming New Years I plan on putting them on a regular schedule. Quality excellent and very nice follow up.

Miriam S.

Home Owner

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