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Weed Control

Weed control in Tucson and Phoenix

If you need weed control or landscape maintenance anywhere in AZ, Zonascape is your best choice. We’re the leading weed control service in Phoenix and Tucson. Our expert crews remove weeds quickly and affordably, and we also prevent them from returning.

Weeds are ugly and disruptive to your lawn and garden, and they’re an eyesore anywhere on your property. A Zonascape crew can remove weeds, yet the best long-term solution is to prevent them from becoming established in the first place.

Most important for health and safety – We use safe, effective “green” weed control methods to ensure that everyone remains safe and healthy, especially children and pets.

Weeds compete against your plants – and win

By definition, weeds are unwanted plants that compete against cultivated plants. If you’ve invested time and other resources into a lawn or garden in Tucson or Phoenix, you’ll need expert weed control.

Weed control is so important throughout AZ because numerous native and invasive weed species have spread like wildfire across the Southeast as the use of irrigation increases.

Stealing water and nutrients

These weeds compete aggressively against lawns, gardens and trees, by robbing essential nutrients and precious water. Since the roots of weeds are interwoven with those of desirable plants, there’s no way to feed one without the other. Unless they’re stopped, eventually the weeds always win.

Pre-emergent weed control

Our pre-emergent weed control methods are the most effective anywhere in Arizona. It’s easiest to control weeds early by preventing them from rooting. We know exactly how to stop weeds from reappearing.

We know the enemies

Every type of lawn and garden weed or pest is hardy. We’ve earned our reputation as the best weed control and landscaping service in Tucson and Phoenix by being more persistent than the pesky plants and critters we control every day.

The weeds we control

  • Grassy weeds like goose grass, crabgrass, or yellow foxtail
  • Warm-season and cool-season weeds
  • Broadleaf weeds like clover, dandelion, thistle and wild violet
  • Perennial weeds and annual weeds

Weed control that lasts

Zonascape weed control crews are thorough, and our results are long-lasting. Since we root out and kill weeds and all other pests at their source, you’ll have peace of mind in knowing that your weed control problem is solved.

If you’d like a beautiful lawn and garden with clean landscaping, Zonascape. Best of all, we offer same-day service throughout Tucson and Phoenix AZ.

These folks are great. This coming New Years I plan on putting them on a regular schedule. Quality excellent and very nice follow up.

Miriam S. Home Owner

Great job and service

Theresa B. Home Owner

We have been using them for over a year now and they always show up on the day and time agreed upon, my yard always looks amazing and I get compliments on how perfectly manicured it always looks, definitely recommend.

Summer Kesterson Home Owner

Very reliable. Quality work at a reasonable price. I highly recommend them.

Bruce Woods Home Owner

We have had an amazing experience using Zonascape Landscaping! The first project they took care of for us was a major overwhelming back yard clean up. Their rates were reasonable and the project was done in no time. Since then they have serviced our front yard in addition to additional projects that induced items to be hauled away. Zonascape has always been prompt and meticulous with their work on each project. We will definitely be using this landscaping business for all future projects.

Monica Brown Home Owner

These guys were very reliable, they showed up on time and did great work. Very courteous and prompt in their response and follow up.

Give these guys a chance!!

Dean Ciarniello Home Owner

We have had Zonascape come out and clean up our yard twice. We have been pleased with their work both times. They initially came out and gave an estimate at a very reasonable price, were clear about what they were providing, and were quite thorough. I recommend them with no reservations.

Peter D Home Owner

Zonascape has always worked hard, gone the extra mile to get the job done, and take pride in their work. Thank you. Keep up the good work!

Jayson Chiles Home Owner

Zonascape does a wonderful job! Tree trimming, pet waste removal, weeding, and weed treatment are just a few of the services they provide.They keep my home owners association satisfied, which is a big relief to me. Their workers are prompt, professional, and flexible. I never have to worry about them getting the job done!

Jenifer Lewandowski Home Owner

Called Zonascape for general handyman services. They did a wonderful job on painting my downstairs living room, along with repairing my bathroom door!

Akayla Bomesberger Home Owner

Trent did a great job. I would highly recommend.

Greg McCracken Home Owner

The Zonascape team did a great job on my yard! Will use again

Josh Kruse Home Owner

Jason did a great job on pruning my tree and completely removed all the weeds around my house!

Chris Rozema Home Owner

The crew did a great job on removing my 10 ft high tree!

Matthew Mellor Home Owner

Great work low prices and amazing employees will definitely be calling again for all my landscapeing needs and hamdman repaors!!!!

Wyatt Sibley Home Owner

Extremely professional and great service.

Luis Corella Home Owner

Zonascape has been doing our front and backyard for a year. They come once a month. The price is fair and they do a great job making the house look nice. They also do my parents and in-laws house.

Helda Franks Home Owner

They gave a good estimate and started the same day. And then finished the next day.

Cheryl Dawson Home Owner

From the very start Zonascape stuck to their word and did an amazing job on my tile floor installation and landscaping service! Thank you!

Antonio Boggero Home Owner


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